Discounts from 44% for a few hours

Discounts from 44% for a few hours

If it was last weekend MediaWorld is going crazy on Black Friday 2021, Now try ‘all in’ is Unieuro. In fact, the well-known series began Discounts of 44% on certain types of products.

Going deeper into the details of the promotional initiative, Unieuro, somewhat surprisingly, launched discounts dedicated to On November 25, 2021 only, or rather on the “eve” of the “real” Black Friday (which will obviously be November 26, 2021). This means that the discounts will remain available for a few hours after this news is published. Simply put, net of potential promotions that will still be available through Black Friday, it seems that the popular chain wanted to “anticipate the times”, “disturbing” a large number of people.

Discounts starting from 44% on many home appliances and fixed air conditioners starting from €299

Starting with the promotion with the highest discount, on November 25, 2021 there are various stationary appliances and air conditioners, sold starting at €299, in the Center discounts from 44%. To give you some concrete examples, the Indesit MTWA 71252 washing machine is now proposed in 21,834 € (instead of € 389.90, saving 44%), the Whirlpool FSB 723V washing machine is sold at 301 EUR (Instead of the previous 619.90 euros, 51% discount).

Unieuro Manà Manà Black Friday 2021: 22% off thousands of products starting at €299

As for other types of products, there are still many discounts from 22%. Among the various proposals, we refer to Lenovo Tab P11 Pro 4G LTE 128GB Tablet A 467.92 euros (instead of € 799.90, 41% off), plus 25% off the Realme GT Master Edition smartphone (now sold at €29,632 instead of 399.90 euros).

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In short, you might be interested to take a look at the file Unieuro . official portal before On November 25, 2021 He reached the end.

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