'Disaster': New PES, eFootball 2022 video game, has been destroyed on Twitter

‘Disaster’: New PES, eFootball 2022 video game, has been destroyed on Twitter

September 30, 2021, the date of lovers feu Pro Evolution Soccer You’d rather you never know. Curious, they asked to see eFootball 2022, the free-to-play soccer pitch for the PES video game, which Konami has crafted fairly masterfully since 1995.

This Thursday, they saw. And they were terribly disappointed with the new opus Too Far, Too Far, Too Far from Expectations. This says something because eFootball 2022 is so “Disaster”, Simply. Video game specialist Julian Keyes says so.

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Because ? A maze of bugs, remarkably thin content, indigestible cake, and graphics from another era, even on new generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series. Small group of Museum of Horror seen on Twitter:

We can only hope that the massive update planned for November 11th will bring back the image of eFootball 2022.


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