Director Peter Jackson prepares for a new project with the Beatles

Director Peter Jackson prepares for a new project with the Beatles

OBLADI-OBLADA – The director is also developing new technology for an ambitious project

Peter Jackson He will return to a world he knows so well. sorry for fans Lord of the rings or the hobbitIt’s not a new adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s work… but the Beatles ! The director behind the documentary get backfrom the rush of another documentary, Let it beon the separation from the British group, apparently not done with the fab.

“I’m talking to the Beatles about another project, something very, very different from it get back. See what the possibilities are, but this is another project with them. It’s not really a documentary… That’s all I can say.” Limit.

The two remaining members, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, appear to be excited about working with the director. Like him, they were keen, for the time being, to mention the subject.

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Peter Jackson in any case has been more talkative about his other projects, without really specifying their nature. But New Zealand fans will be pleased to know he must return to aspiring feature films, once he has developed the technology to implement his “vision”.

“One (of these films) may be huge, but (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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