directly.  Covid-19: Like France, Italy circulates the health card

directly. Covid-19: Like France, Italy circulates the health card

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7.45 a.m. Bookings for Spain, Portugal and Greece are down sharply. According to the Liligo platform, reservations drop for free in certain destinations such as Spain, Portugal, and Greece. In recent days, the platform has noticed a 58% drop in searches for flights to Spain, 48% to Portugal, and 41% to Greece.

7:30 am. The South African coach denounced the “stigmatization” of his team in the Olympics, after cases of Covid cases. The coach of the South African national football team at the Tokyo Olympics denounced the “stigma” of his team affected by Covid-19 cases. “Often, when people pass us, we see them running away (…) as if something is wrong with us. (…) I think it’s a bit disrespectful,” said David Newwan.

7:20 a.m. The European Union has delivered only 3% of the promised vaccines to poor countries. According to an internal document issued by the European Commission, the European Union provided only four million doses of the vaccine to poor countries, less than 3% of the total promised 160 million doses.

7:10. More and more communities are offering vaccination solutions without an appointment. While the new goal set by Jan Castex is to achieve it Bar 50 million French After receiving the first dose of the vaccine by the end of August, more and more communities are offering vaccination solutions without delay. Read our article.

7:05 am. SMEs are more optimistic about the way out of the crisis, with the exception of tourism. The majority of business leaders with up to 250 employees have gained in optimism and are now envisioning a faster exit from the crisis, with the exception of tourism, according to a Bpifrance survey.

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7 hours. Towards an oral vaccine? According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel is set to become the first country to test an oral vaccine. Oravax Medical is currently awaiting approval from the Israeli Ministry of Health. The latter’s response is expected within a few weeks. The first test should be tested on 24 volunteers.

6:15 am. Australia declares a “national emergency” for Sydney. Local authorities have said the current outbreak in Sydney is a “national emergency”. A month of confinement did not make it possible to stop the progression of the Delta variable. The state of New South Wales, of which Sydney is the capital, has urged the federal capital to urgently send vaccines and resources.

6:10 am. Italy is also circulating the health card. The health card will be circulated from August 6 in Italy to reach many public places. This “green lane” certifies at least one injection of the vaccine or that a person has tested negative. It will be ordered in gyms, museums, trade fairs …

6:05 am. The health and vaccination permit for caregivers was voted on by the association. The National Assembly on Friday adopted in first reading a new anti-Covid bill that provides for the controversial extension of the health card and vaccination obligation for caregivers. The text was adopted after a night of sometimes heated debate by 117 votes to 86 against. The bill must now be considered in the Senate as of today. Read our article.

6 hours. Welcome to this live. It will allow you to follow the evolution during the day of the pandemic. .

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