directly.  COVID-19: In hospital, 'the stress level is increasing', says an emergency doctor in Paris

directly. COVID-19: In hospital, ‘the stress level is increasing’, says an emergency doctor in Paris


  • in France , Health pass It came into effect on Monday in restaurants, long-distance trains, hospitals (except for emergencies) and cultural venues. the police don’t punish This week, breakout for everyone.
  • And 9,022 patients were sick on Monday Enter the hospital for Covid, including 1,667 patients in critical care (versus 1,232 who were seven days old). 68 people died within 24 hours.
  • the The confinement has been tightened in Martinique : Previous measures are not enough to stop the spread of the delta variable, non-essential businesses, hotels and beaches will be closed for three weeks, and tourists will be required to leave the territory.
  • Vaccination will become mandatory “by mid-September” for all members of the US armed forces. 2.5 million National Guard workers and soldiers work in the Ministry of Defense, half of whom received one or two injections.
  • Giant screening of 11 million residents of Wuhan, China, the birthplace of Covid-19, has been completed. Approximately 80 cases were detected.

Follow today’s events live:

9:15 am. Sydney has a record number of cases. The state of New South Wales recorded 356 new infections there, a record since the epidemic re-emerged in mid-June due to the delta variable. The city’s 5 million residents entered the seventh week of their confinement yesterday.

Since the outbreak of the new epidemic nearly two months ago, 5,805 cases and 32 deaths have been recorded in NSW.

9 hours. In China. Yesterday, China identified 143 new cases, compared to 125 on Sunday. This is the highest number since January 20. 108 were locally transported and mostly located in Jiangsu and Henan provinces. In addition, there are 38 asymptomatic infections, which China calculates separately.

8:46 am. The relative benefit of the vaccine. “The vaccine significantly reduces the risk of contracting a severe form of Covid and reduces by two-thirds the risk of infecting another person, we are less contagious and for a shorter period of time, recalls Professor Enrique Casalino, who audits on the LCI: “The vaccine is a central component of the strategy in the medium and long term. . In the short term, containment is the only way to prevent transmission of the virus.”

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8:41 am. “The situation is escalating in tension”Professor Enrique Casalino, head of the largest emergency in Paris, reassured.

8:39 am. What about the caregivers who go to the West Indies? “Paris has been very helpful during the first wave, and it is only natural that we stand in solidarity with the Antilles” and the caregivers go there. “The problem is that we ourselves are facing difficulties, after this difficult year, we had to give the staff vacations, (…) our room for maneuver is tight”, according to estimates, still Professor Enrique Casalino, infectious disease specialist and head of the emergency department of the most important Bichat Hospital in Capital.

8:33 am. Doctor’s opinion. “Our numbers are not good, the curve can only increase irreparably in the coming weeks unless the French wear masks, wash their hands, and avoid meeting places,” estimates Professor Enrique Casalino at LCI, infectious disease specialist and head of emergency at Bichat Hospital.

8:25 am. In New Orleans, one in five hospitalized patients is a minor. Louisiana is facing the highest rate of new Covid cases in the country, and many children are affected by it. “It’s not your grandfather’s Covid,” Dr. Mark Klein, chief medical officer at New Orleans Children’s Hospital, told ABC News yesterday. Half of the children we welcome today are under two years old. Most of the rest are between five and ten years old – too young to have been vaccinated yet.”

8:15 am. Postponing operations in Texas. As the pandemic escalated in the state, Governor Greg Abbott has asked hospitals to postpone elective surgeries. Abbott, which issued an executive order in May banning local communities from wearing masks to prevent the spread of the virus, said yesterday that it would increase the number of clinics in Texas where Covid patients can receive treatment.

8 hours. in New Caledonia. Medef in New Caledonia wants to set up a crisis unit “in case of emergency”. Protected from Covid thanks to a strict health lockdown, the island fears the arrival of the Delta variant, which is already in Fiji and French Polynesia. “The virus is catching up with us, and we have to take advantage of the coming weeks to lay the foundations for the continuation of the economic process,” said Mimsey Daly, president of the employers’ organization. In the event of a pandemic, he does not rule out “access to businesses only for vaccinated people”.

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7.40 am. In Alabama, vaccinations are expiring. When it expired, 65,511 doses of the vaccine had to be destroyed in the US state of Alabama, because no arm was found to be injected there. “65,000 doses have been wasted. It is very unfortunate when we have such a low vaccination rate, and of course [quand] “There are a lot of people in the world who still can’t get vaccinated,” said Dr. Scott Harris, the state health official. As of weekend night, 1,923 people were hospitalized, occupying 93 percent of Alabama’s intensive care beds. Only 35% of the population is fully vaccinated.

7:30 am. A non-governmental organization is calling for the UK to donate its vaccines. The World Justice Organization has now compiled the numbers: 306 million doses of the vaccine are expected to be delivered to the UK by the end of the year. If 100% of the eligible population benefited from it, 186 million doses would remain available. The NGO and several associations are urging London to distribute these vaccines to the poorest countries that do not have access to them.

7:20 a.m. Eight intensive care beds available for all Arkansas. The epidemic attacks a population of 3 million and there are 1,376 people in hospitals. “We’ve seen the largest increase in hospitalizations for a single day,” Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said on Twitter.

Hutchinson, a Republican, has urged Arkansas residents to get vaccinated against the pandemic, which many of his constituents have been reluctant to do.

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7 x 10. Travel in one direction. Canada reopened its borders to fully vaccinated US citizens and residents for the first time since March 2020. US officials refused to reciprocate.

7 hours. Ministerial travel. Foreign Minister Sebastien Licornu will travel to Guadeloupe on Tuesday and is expected to arrive in Martinique on Thursday. The health situation there has worsened, and more than 200 caregivers have had to leave the city to offer their assistance.

6:40 am. France is at a ‘very high’ risk of contracting Covid to the USA. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has placed France and French Polynesia at level 4, at a “very high level of Covid,” to warn travelers of the risks they are exposed to. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a full vaccination before considering travel to France.

Five other destinations were raised to fourth, the highest in the ranking: Israel, Iceland, the former Swaziland, Thailand and Aruba.

6.30 am Trader’s word. In Maussane-les-Alpilles (Bouches-du-Rhône), an ice cream seller watched gendarmes pass through her shop, encouraging her to check health permits. “When there aren’t many people, it’s okay, but when I have to serve customers to take out and serve cups, it’s complicated.” She wrote a very long poster informing her clients of the risks they would take if they back off.

6:20 am. Global review. The epidemic has killed more than 4.29 million people worldwide since the end of December 2019, among more than 202 million confirmed infections. In France, there were 112,318 deaths last night.

6:10 am. In Martinique, leave for caregivers has been cancelled. In the face of the fourth wave, Martinique University Hospital a week ago canceled all vacations for its medical and non-medical staff. A summons was called by the record on Monday for employees who remained on leave, the number of which is unknown.

6 hours. good morning. Welcome to this live stream dedicated to Covid news, here and elsewhere.

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