[Direct] Guyana provincial election results

[Direct] Guyana provincial election results

Follow our wonderful election evening live to find out all about the first round of the regional elections in Guyana

Find out all the news and results of the first round of the regional elections: information, candidates, polls, results, first reactions… It’s an evening of live experience on our radio – TV and Internet antennas.

As a reminder, Guyana is divided into eight divisions

Each list is divided into eight sections to represent all voters.

For Haut Maroni who brings together the municipalities of Maripasoula, Papaichton, Grand Santi and Apatou: 7 CTG elected seats for Haut Maroni
Further down the river: 9 CTG seats reserved for the Saint-Laurent division. and 3 seats for the lower Mana, Mana and Awala Yalimapo.
The municipalities of Irakubo, Sinamare, Kourou, and Saint Ily elected 8 members of the CTG for the Savannah District
In the extension, 6 seats for the greater crown where the municipalities of Macouria, Montsinéry-Tonnégrande and Roura are located.
Cayenne is the department with the largest number of elected officials: 12 teams.
La Petite Couronne is made by Matori, and Rémire-Montjoly has 11 seats
Finally, future Oyapock 3 will elect CTG to represent Régina, Saint Georges, Camopi and Ouanary

Great election night live!

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