Dijon: A YouTuber comes to talk about space and exoplanets at the Mansart Library

Dijon: A YouTuber comes to talk about space and exoplanets at the Mansart Library

You may not know him, but someone close to you should know who he is. youtuber theo drew, Who runs the “Blade Mental” channel., was in Dijon. He publishes on the Internet phenomena related to space and planets. Hosted on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 Conference-Discussion on Exoplanets In the Mansart Library As part of Myceliades. A science fiction-themed festival that particularly combines the world of cinema and the world of media libraries. It happens all over France, And in the capital of the dukes until February 15, 2024.

From virtual to real

In the room, about ten lucky people are attending the conference. Obviously it is much less than that, Like Théo Drieu's 935,000 YouTube subscribers. It is a number that he himself finds difficult to believe. “This seems like a lot to me! After that, it depends, if you compare it to the number of stars in the galaxy, it's not that many! There are 300 billion stars in the galaxyHe mocks the videographer. It's always nice to meet people in real lifeTo realize that there are truly human beings behind these numbers.


On the chairs installed for this occasion in a small room in the media library, we find fans of the “Balid Mental” channel, but not only that. Genevieve, for example, admits that she doesn't really know what she's doing there. “I went to the library yesterday and just found out about the event.she explained. He was on my doorstep and it was my timing!Race results She didn't miss a beat at the conference. Two seats away from her is professional Vincent Boudon, president of the Société Astronomique de Bourgogne (SAB). For him, Théo's promotional work is essential. “I think there is a great need for generalization. There are professionals who do this, but they don't always have the timeHe explains. There is not much. The work he does is really important.

Theo Dreu is originally from Rennes.
Theo Dreu is originally from Rennes. © Radio France
Dimitri Morgado

Make what is inaccessible accessible to everyone

Théo Drieu opened his YouTube channel in September 2015. “I watched a lot of popular videos on the Internet and worked in a scientific cultural center. He says. We did exhibitions, so I spent a lot of time writing stories and I wanted to tell them differently. Doing it on video is another way to do it.


The YouTuber's channel now collects more than 240 videos whose topics address in a simple way concepts such as black holes, nuclear fusion or even the theory of the multiverse. “I make a lot of presenting videos To marvel at the beauty of space And also sometimes you ask yourself existential questions that haunt you when you're trying to sleep“, describes. Among them, Is the universe infinite? “Big question“, he answers us and invites us to take a look at his YouTube channel to learn more!

Is the universe infinite?

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