Difficulty sleeping?  Here’s how to make up your day, according to science

Difficulty sleeping? Here’s how to make up your day, according to science

Have you had a rough night and are wondering how to stay awake all day? In fact, it’s very difficult to handle a full day when you have it He sleeps poorly. Thanks to science, we offer you infallible advice to save your day.

How to deal with the effects of insomnia?

According to a new study by the University of Portsmouth, the solution is exercise (yes, yes!). Dr. Joe Costello of the department Sports, health and exercise science (Sports and Health Sciences) from the university explains this 20 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercisewould improve cognitive performance the day after a short or even non-existent night.

“We know from existing research that exercise improves or maintains our cognitive performance.”Announce. Add “But this is the first study to suggest that it also improves cognitive performance after complete or partial sleep deprivation.”. You will understand and do sports would modify “The amount of hormones regulating the brain” Which we produce while contributing to cerebral circulation, alertness and motivation.

What type of sport is appropriate?

During this latest study, participants did Several activities for 20 minutes : Cycling, roller skating, dancing, hiking, brisk walking, swimming, water gym. Some even used a lawnmower!

Another study, namely British Journal of Sports MedicineFor her part, she proved that was enough 22 minutes of moderate physical activity daily With a purpose Dealing with a sedentary lifestyle On mental and physical health, while improving cognitive performance.

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