Did Exxon Mobil lie and ignore global warming?

Did Exxon Mobil lie and ignore global warming?


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According to a report, since the 1980s ExxonMobil has carried out many rigorous studies for modeling and forecasting global warming. But its president declared otherwise in 2000.

Overwhelming new evidence on the oil company ExxonMobil. As early as the 1970s, she knew her activities would cause global warming, but she hid it, says a study by American historians. Indeed, in 1988, they admitted[ai]I thought there was a serious problem. They talk about carbon dioxide and methane.”, notes Naomi Oreskes, historian at Harvard University (USA). Then synthesis outputs it: The greenhouse effect could be one of the major environmental problems of the 1990s..

Exxon predicted climate change

Among the documents, the curves were made in the 1970s. Exxon scientists were already expecting increases in carbon dioxide concentrations and temperatures, similar to those observed over the next 40 years. So they predicted climate change. In 2019, they were even tested in Washington (USA) before the US House of Representatives, to present their results.

Edgar Garvey, one of the engineers interviewed, was part of the team early in his career working for Exxon for several years. “We have installed a system inside the tanker, which can measure carbon dioxide in the air, as well as in the ocean.”, trust. His job was to take measurements to assess the impact of greenhouse gases. “We were certain that anthropogenic changes with carbon dioxide would have important consequences for the climate.”Confirms.

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