Diablo Immortal will be available on June 2 on mobile but also on PC - News

Diablo Immortal will be available on June 2 on mobile but also on PC – News

The last-minute surprise is meant to make people forever forget the embarrassing announcement of BlizzCon 2018, so Diablo, whose story revolves between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, will also be playable on PC from June 2 as part of an open beta. In addition to providing basic information about the game, including the available categories, official site It allows players to sign up for its preferred platform, knowing that Blizzard and NetEase Games already have 30 million curious people.

Although it can be played on PC, Blizzard continues to qualify Immortal Diablo A “built for mobile” episode, knowing that crossplay and co-progression will be there. The fact that the PC version has entered the open beta indicates that Blizzard will be paying attention to pure impressions starting June 2. “At the end of the open beta on PC, you will be able to preserve your progress and all your purchases‘, however confirms that communication. In addition, whether you are playing on mobile or PC, Immortal Diablo It will be compatible with consoles.

We’ve never released a Diablo game of this size. Diablo Immortal will feature more different areas, countless unique encounters, and all kinds of satisfying ways to destroy demons. Diablo Immortal is also the first MMOARPG in the Diablo series: players will have the ability to build relationships, play and freely explore the world with others in a revolutionary way.‘Can we read?

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