Diablo 4 Season 5 is full of great new features!

Diablo 4 Season 5 is full of great new features!

Discover everything new in Diablo 4 Season 5! Infernal hordes, farming, buffing, unique items… the list is long and looks good.

The BLizzard campfire has just gone out and the new features for Diablo 4 Season 5 have dropped en masse. What's really going on is pretty solid, Blizzard is in the process of reviving their title after 3 rather disappointing seasons. Despite its short duration of about two months, this fifth season brings a lot of new features between activities, details, and quality of life.

The beginning and duration of the fifth season

Season 5 will officially begin on August 6, 2024 and end on October 8, 2024, coinciding with the release of the first expansion, Ship of Hate.

A world of imminent testing

The Season 5 Test World will be accessible from June 25 to July 2, 2024, where players can test out the features of Update 1.5 with their own characters. The Level 100 boost service will be available to new or returning players after a long absence. You can also copy your Eternal Kingdom characters to test them at level 100 of full equipment!

Infernal hordes

Big news for this fifth season, it's called Infernal Legions. This is new end-game content in which players face waves of enemies for 90 seconds each, choosing from three bonuses/punishments after each wave. These battles take place in a single room, and there are no dungeons to explore. The more punitive punishments you choose, the greater your reward! You will have to defeat 8 waves, the last of which will consist of monsters from level 180 to 200.

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At the end of these waves, you'll have to deal with 3 bosses, the Fell Council, made up of bosses from Diablo 2. Be careful, they get stronger every time one of them dies!

Infernal compasses

To access the infernal hordes you will need keys, Infernal compassesWhich you can get in all other activities in the game and it is divided into Class You can improve it via scrolls. You will first have to complete a small quest to activate these hellish hordes once and for all.

Burning ether

A new type of currency, Burning Aether, appears in the Infernal Horde. It will be possible to purchase rewards in special chests after defeating the hordes.

Big changes to classes with the addition of new unique and legendary items, and a complete overhaul of obtaining these items to simplify farming.

Change in philosophy of unique things

Blizzard intends to make unique items more specific to specific builds or spells, highlighting the differences with legendary items to encourage diversity and effectiveness of the builds. It is true that in this Season 4, unique items have lost a lot of popularity, because with improvement and improvement, the ancestral item can serve the build better.

This time, Blizzard is completely revising its version, with a higher random probability of inflicting unique items, but also making them very powerful at a certain point, which could push players to find builds for these unique items. Furthermore, Blizzard wants to go back to 2 to 4 unique creatures per build.

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Mythical creatures

The big news is that the unique creatures, now called Mythical, now have their own specific, purple color and enhanced sound and visuals! It's enough to make a little player's heart flutter when they see this color appear!

Picture 31

50 new items!

To complement the change in philosophy, Blizzard announced 50 new legendary and unique items.

Class balance and play

Blizzard has announced changes to immunity and balance, especially for the Sorcerer's Firewall. It has also been announced that the effect of crowd control by high-level monsters in-game has also been reduced. I will return to the lessons in detail later.

Quality of life improvements

It won't happen right away, but Diablo 4 will soon integrate some sort of GPS (+voice GPS) for missions and navigation in Sanctuary.

Uber Boss Farming fully revised!

But the big pleasant surprise is the changes related to farming Uber bosses! No need to leave the dungeon, reset, or retrace… Once you defeat the boss, you can return the materials to the screen and summon them, as many times as you want. No need to reset the instance either.

Likewise, access to Beast in Ice and Zir will be revised, to be similar to the others. No more 3 minutes of meandering between monsters to fight again. No more crafting a specific slogan. Ciao, thank you!

Infernal waves

Whispers in Hellwaves will fill up faster, granting up to 10 favors. The Doom Hearts mechanic has been modified to provide an increased chance of obtaining a heart with each failure, until one is obtained.

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Adjustments are planned to make the cooling process less random, with items potentially receiving additional cooling attempts based on the higher suffixes present.

This is basically what you need to remember for this season 5 (I'll talk to you about class balance in another separate article) which promises to be the best ever, even if this season 4 has already raised the bar. Blizzard is on the right track with Diablo 4, which looks ready to go!

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