Diablo 4: “An insult to the Catholic religion”, an exhibition on the game sparked a real controversy!

Diablo 4: “An insult to the Catholic religion”, an exhibition on the game sparked a real controversy!

We told you that when this project was announced at the beginning of March. In Cambrai, in the north of France, an abandoned church, the Chapelle des Jésuites, was chosen to become, at the time of the exhibition, the cathedral of the underworld, where you even had the possibility to show your character after the Diablo IV open beta. A crazy life-size project, the idea is exceptional, and the exhibition is supposed to open its doors today. And if many people are expected to visit the many paintings of Adam Miller’s team, Some are determined to stop them…

“scandalous and insulting”

According to the testimonies I collected France 3 Hauts-de-FranceAntoine Grosjean, a 25-year-old engineer, is what this show is “A real insult to the Catholic religion”. Together with other members of the “Cambrai Patrimoine” association, they planned Demonstrate today In front of the Jesuit church to prevent visitors from seeing the exhibition.

We hope that this will be done with the utmost calmness, but we hope and believe that this event will be cancelled.

Antoine Grosjean, Cambrai Heritage

He and his colleagues believe this act is “disrespectful to the Jesuits buried in the crypt over 200 years ago”. On the contrary, the vicar general and parish priest of Cambrai, Mathieu Dervaux, recalls that this church has been dismantled and wants it to remain neutral, realizing that this may shock some people but there is no “There is no intention of the city council to go against the church.”.

This anti-exposing movement is even supported by a RN alderman via Facebook, where the interested party, Gérard Philippe, posted, press release Where he shows his discontent and demands “Stop this outrage”.

Threats that don’t seem so scary

Whether one is for or against the exhibition opened its doors Today, a large number of visitors are expected according to Lydie Perraud and the team that runs the event. The show is free and will take place until June 11, the day before Diablo IV’s servers reopen for 3 days during Server Slam. Will the current event turn the event upside down or will it be as successful as expected? case to follow.

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