Di Maio to the sea as the Taliban invade Kabul

Di Maio to the sea as the Taliban invade Kabul

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As the Taliban invade Kabul and focus the world’s attention on Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio will tackle much “lighter” issues.

Afghanistan, picture of de Mayo at sea

Chat by the sea, in the company of some friends, to see how you spend your August weekend. Everything is normal, except that the protagonist of this summer curtain is said by Quotidiano di Puglia is Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. Accompanied by the President of the Apulia Region, Michele Emiliano and the former Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomy under Conte Francesco Bocchia, Minister, during the August Day, Looks like he chatted amicably by the seaAs the whole world watched with concern the latest events in Afghanistan.

While the Taliban invade Afghanistan de Mayo at sea

The shot, which walked around the web in a few minutes, comes from the turquoise waters of Salento, more precisely from Porto CesareoTourist resort in the heart of Salento. The anger came from many politicians and netizens, who expected a different reaction from the Secretary of State with everything What is happening in Afghanistan. “Brainstorm about Afghanistan on the beach, 3 brains that the world envy us… #Dimaio #Emiliano and #Bocia Santo Draghi!!It was a comment from a user of social networks. There are also those who find it difficult to comment on the minister’s feasts:Does he know anything about the Italian foreign minister? Still with the donuts and ducks while the Boeings landed Full of who could save himself?“.

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Afghanistan, angry over Di Maio’s photo

Comments on Di Maio’s photo also came from politicians and journalists, such as Massimiliano Scalarini, who wrote: “Accordingly, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mario is following up on the invasion of Afghanistan, the most important international crisis of the decade. From the beach of Porto Cesareo. Then one wonders why Italy is not taken seriouslyNicola Dante did not pity himself:I must be honest. It’s not that I felt right in an iron keg with Di Maio running this moment from the crisis. Now that I know he’s at the beach with Emiliano and Boccia, I feel better. This means my Dragy takes care of herSimilar comments also from Carlo Calinda, a candidate for mayor in Rome:But thank God that This mental confidence in the sea in the impossibility of doing harm. These are the benefits of August. Let’s leave things as they are“.

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