Destroying more than thirty Christian cemeteries

Destroying more than thirty Christian cemeteries

Overturned crosses and damaged tombs were discovered in the Protestant Mount Zion Cemetery, adjacent to the Old City of Jerusalem.

On Wednesday, January 4, local Christian leaders reported that dozens of graves in a Protestant cemetery in Jerusalem had been vandalized, expressing “panicThe Israeli police said it had opened an investigation.

Overturned crosses and damaged tombs have been discovered in the Protestant cemetery on Mount Zion, next to Jerusalem’s Old City, where Jesus had his last meal with the apostles according to Christian tradition. “We discovered more than 30 tombstones and crosses torn to piecesHossam Naoum, the Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem, explained.

Anti-Christian facts captured through video surveillance

CCTV footage shared on social media and local media shows two men dressed in traditional Orthodox Jewish garb throwing rocks and grinding down memorials. “The motive behind these criminal acts was fanaticism and hatred against ChristiansThe Episcopal Diocese denounced it in a press release, noting the surveillance photos.

Not only do we feel terrible, we feel very sad, tooHossam Naoum confirmed, explaining that the cemetery dates back to the middle of the nineteenth centurye century and includes the burials of many clerics, scholars or politicians. some of them “They are people of great importance who have contributed to the history of Jerusalem and to the lives of the people hereHe added. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs ruled on Twitter that “This outrageous act is an insult to religion“.

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Mount Zion, the place of the Last Supper according to Christian tradition, is also important to Jews who believe King David is buried there. In December 2021, leaders of Jerusalem churches claimed that Christians “It has become the target of frequent attacks by extremist and fringe groupsin Jerusalem and other places in the Holy Land. They had denounced the inaction of the authorities and then ruled on the charges.”Incorrectwith Israeli diplomacy.

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