Despite good reviews, this sci-fi series was canceled before its end (but the creators planned it).

Despite good reviews, this sci-fi series was canceled before its end (but the creators planned it).

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While waiting to find out if Netflix will renew The Three-Body Concern for a second season, it's another sci-fi series whose fate has just been decided. Unfortunately for fans, this part will not have the right to receive a sequel.

The rest is after the announcement

From 1989 to 1993, Donald P. Bellisario (also father Magnum or NCIS) He made millions of viewers dream with his imagination Quantum code Worn by super duo Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell. Over the course of 96 episodes spanning 5 seasons, this series has truly given us the best of sci-fi with an amazing concept.

in the program ? Convinced of the possibility of time travel, Dr. Samuel Beckett decided to test his theory by introducing a time accelerator. The problem was that he immediately lost control of his fate and found himself regularly jumping from one era to another. Also, with the help of the hologram of Admiral Al Calavici, he tried to fix some historical errors by slipping into the skin of very special characters, imagining that this was the key to returning home.

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Perfect reboot…but not strong enough

The crazy concept quickly won the admiration of audiences and critics, so much so that the series received 6 Emmy Awards and 2 Golden Globe Awards, was adapted into numerous books and comic strips, and ranked 19th on the “Top Most Popular Series.” “Most Cults” from TV Guide. To that end, and as a testament to the timeless fascination it has shown since its beginnings, NBC recently produced a sequel in the USA.

In fact, the channel was launched in 2022 How much for me?R, a revival by Raymond Lee that takes place in the same universe as the original series. This time we follow a new team willing to do anything to understand the famous Sam Beckett project and find out what happened to it. Of course, this is done through new time jumps in order to lift the veil on all these mysteries.

A reboot that was as ambitious as it was successful (updating the core concept was perfectly executed and provides another perspective, thus avoiding frustrating repetition) which… has already come to an end. Despite the audience poll (average rating of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes), the series will not meet the same fate. On the contrary, NBC decided not to continue the adventure, citing ultimately disappointing audiences (the final episode broadcast in February 2024 was watched by only… 1.36 million viewers). A conclusion too early to allow him to reach the same status as his seniors.

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The creators expected this

A frustrating situation for all fans, and one that Martin Gero and Dean Georgaris (showrunners) seem prepared for. Last February, the duo — who were aware of the series' minimal audience — told Deadline that their hope for a sequel didn't stop them from imagining the final episode of Season 2 as a satisfying conclusion.

Once the series is renewed for Season 2, We told ourselves we wouldn't do a cliffhangerthe showrunners recently explained. We've already planned to stop by the opening scene of a potential third seasonwith the two characters reunited, but in an unexpected way.Then he added:It was a way of saying to the audience: “Look at all these wonderful places we can visit.” So There is a kind of loyalty Part of the adventure, but also… A sense of release for a potential sequel“.

A smart way to do things (who knows, maybe one day another channel/platform will decide to take over), but at the same time it probably motivated NBC executives to cancel the series without any scruples. Sniff.

See you in a few months to find out the end Quantum leap In France on Série Club and M6.

The rest is after the announcement

The rest is after the announcement

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