Democratic Senator Asks Biden to Reassure Him About His Condition

Democratic Senator Asks Biden to Reassure Him About His Condition

Sheldon Whitehouse said he was “absolutely horrified” by Joe Biden's drowning during the first debate between the outgoing president and Donald Trump on CNN.

Joe Biden’s performance in the first televised debate against Trump is still causing a stir among Democrats. Sheldon Whitehouse, a senator who is part of the outgoing president’s political family, said Monday that Americans want to be like him. “security” That was Joe Biden. “honest about his condition”This was in an interview broadcast by a local TV channel today, Monday. “People want to know that this campaign can win, that the president and his team are honest with us about his condition, and that (Thursday's debate against Donald Trump) It was really an anomaly.”He told WPRI-TV.

This elected official from the northeastern state of Rhode Island, who represents the left wing of the Democratic Party, says that “so terrified” In the confrontation on CNN, during which the American president appeared very confused, and at times completely lost.

Lack of transparency?

The next day, the 81-year-old Democrat, who had regained some energy, sought reassurance at a campaign rally in North Carolina: “I will never run again if I do not believe, with all my heart and all my soul, that I can do this job.”For months, the White House has ignored, sometimes with some irritation, any questions about the physical and mental abilities of the American president, whose physical and verbal well-being has declined.

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While the party’s heavyweights have publicly backed him so far, tensions have been mounting since last Thursday’s debate between supporters and donors, some of whom criticize the president’s inner circle for a lack of transparency about his capabilities. Others are asking Joe Biden to respond concretely to concerns, by increasing the number of press conferences or open exchanges with journalists or supporters.

On Monday, a reporter briefly asked the US president whether he intended to withdraw from the presidential race, at the end of a short speech he had just given at the White House about the Supreme Court decision. Joe Biden turned on his heel and left the room without answering.

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