“Demain Ma Maison”, the new consulting space on the Ouvêo website

“Demain Ma Maison”, the new consulting space on the Ouvêo website

If Ouvêo has always championed its association with addressing professionals only, Demain Ma Maison, the Estemi group’s wood, PVC and aluminum joinery manufacturer, is also trying at BtoC. This new section, which appeared on ouveo-menuiserie.fr at the end of September 2022, was presented as a space for inspiration, advice and reports. This is for the brand to popularize the world of technical carpentry for individuals, while offering its professional clients a platform they can rely on to give advice to their clients.

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New section, new catalog

Ouvêo wants to provide information to the individual at every stage of their construction site. For this, there are videos and reports as well as examples of the investigation and decoding of regulations. This educational aspect will be based on the experience of the manufacturer, another installer as well as product offerings from Ouvêo, but also from Provélis (Estémi Group) regarding blinds. The manufacturer organized its site in such a way that it advises at every stage of the construction site.
The stated goal of the manufacturer is also to push the craftsmen to seamlessly transition to the digital system. And nothing is better than the new 2022/2023 collections displayed in digital catalogs modified for the occasion. Thus, the technical parts of the individual are circulated, the video capsules on the products are there, attached to the QR codes that are in the paper catalogs.

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