Delphine Colas (Large Families) talks about her weight loss and her “goal” to get back in shape

Delphine Colas (Large Families) talks about her weight loss and her “goal” to get back in shape

Monday, June 17, in an Instagram story, Delphine Colas from Large Families: Life in XXL She confided in her subscribers about various topics, especially her weight. She revealed that she lost weight by eating very little food at lunchtime and eating almost nothing in the evening.

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Cola It was revealed during their participation in the show Large Families: Life in XXL Broadcast on TF1. If they are no longer part of the adventure today, dolphin Her husband, Olivier Colas, continues to provide their news via social networks. Thus, a few months ago, the mother was able to share photos of her daughter Selena's trip to the United States, which she joined for a few days of vacation. And recently, on March 15 to be exact, I addressed him with these few words : “A year with you, my beloved daughter. Never forget: we are so proud of you! Training coming soon! I hope you're not too far away, we won't actually be able to take you on vacation this summer for the second time“.

Large families :Delphine Colas reveals the number of kilograms she lost

Delphine Colas spoke on Monday, June 17, on her social networking sites, explaining that the day was complicated because no one around her felt “truly” not good. “It's always very painful when this happens, so we try to be as supportive as possible.“Then I made a point.”Lose weight“, revealing her slim silhouette.”My stomach is almost gone and I'm so happy. My weight reached 62.9 kg and now I am 58.5 kg and I want to be 55 kg. That's my goal, but actually I don't deprive myself either. What I do is I eat more or less normally, but not much at lunchtime and I try not to eat in the evening, almost nothing in the evening.“, She said.

I couldn't see myself anymore, I hated my body that was changing

“Delphine Colas is not at her first point.”Lose weight“On May 22, I spoke without any restrictions about the diet I started.”I melt like snow in the sun. I think it clicked… Finally, that was it, I couldn't see myself anymore, I hated my body it was changing, I was gaining a lot of weight, reaching record weights. I've taken some little pictures of my scale with my starting weight, and I'll show you when I reach my goal, but not before so you don't mess things up.“, she began.

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