Dell UltraSharp WB7022 Review: Premium 4K Video Conferencing Webcam

Dell UltraSharp WB7022 Review: Premium 4K Video Conferencing Webcam

The program, of course, allows you to modify the definition of the image, in 720 or 1080p resolution up to 60 fps, and in 4K resolution up to 30 fps. Therefore it will be necessary to choose between maximum quality and greater fluidity. Additionally, if on paper HDR mode promises better image management when brightness contrasts are important in the room (going back to the window for example), then in facts we didn’t notice much difference. Even when disabled, the webcam handles the image well; More seriously, we did notice a kind of annoying shadow flicker with HDR in some cases.

in the case of the night.
In full light.

Apart from these details, the Dell UltraSharp has exceptional picture quality in 4K and Full HD that is also very good. The white balance is well managed automatically and you can in any case brighten the image if necessary using the sliders. In our test scene, the webcam captured particularly well with brightness and yellow/orange lighting in night conditions.

In a darker office.
In a bright office.

In good lighting conditions, there is really nothing to complain about, and even in a rather dark environment, the picture remains of very good quality. It’s definitely smoother, but totally usable. On the other hand, bluish bands can appear in the shadows, spoiling this subtlety a little.

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