Debris from a Chinese satellite launcher has fallen near Taiwan, Taipei claims

The wreck fell in a sea area north of Taiwan previously closed to shipping by Beijing.

By Le Figaro with AFP


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Taiwanese military boats patrol the Matsu Islands on April 9, 2023. Yan Zhao/AFP

launch China On Sunday, April 16, a satellite caused debris to fall into a sea area that Beijing previously banned navigation, Northern TaiwanTaiwan’s Ministry of Defense announced. The satellite passedoff the northern coast of Taiwan” And “Missile debris fell into the warning areaThis source said, stressing that this debris did not affect the “home securityfrom the territory.

Chinese state media confirmed the launch.A new weather satelliteFrom a space center in North China at 9:36 a.m. local time. Sailing in the maritime exclusion zone, located about 160 kilometers from Taipei, is prohibited between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm Sunday due to “Possibility of falling missile debrisAccording to the Fujian maritime authorities, Chinese province located opposite Taiwan.

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A column of smoke

Footage broadcast by state broadcaster CCTV showed a white missile taking off into a clear sky from the Jiuquan launch center near the Mongolian border in Gansu province, leaving plumes of smoke and dust in its wake.

the satellite “It will provide weather forecasting, disaster prevention and mitigation, climate change response and environmental conservation servicesAccording to the New China Agency. Made in Taiwan The theme of the exercises from April 9 to 11 Encircled by the Chinese army, against the backdrop of renewed tensions between Taipei and Beijing.

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