Deborah Birx: Donald Trump's coronavirus advisor will work with air purifier manufacturers in the future

Deborah Birx: Donald Trump’s coronavirus advisor will work with air purifier manufacturers in the future

Deborah Birx, the former coordinator of Donald Trump’s Corona Task Force, has a new job in the private sector. The future health expert will advise a company based in Texas Dallas, Specialized in cleaning air and surfaces.

Birx came to the White House in 2020 to coordinate the Trump administration’s efforts in fighting the pandemic. However, she was repeatedly criticized for this former president Donald Trump Don’t contrast often enough. When Trump suspected at a press conference whether consuming disinfectants could help fight the Corona virus, Birx sat in the room in silence. On television, she defended the president against his critics.

Birx had already announced at the end of December that she would leave the White House after the transition for the new president. She said in an interview with the news agency: “The Biden government wanted a new beginning.” Reuters. “I totally understand that.” She was still concerned about the number of Corona tests available, but she praised the new government for consistently demonstrating how to wear masks, among other things.

Birx’s announcement of the resignation was preceded by criticism of her personal behavior in the Corona crisis. Birks asked Americans to spend the vacation only with their family members. As it turned out, she had a Thanksgiving feast He celebrated it with relatives from two other Delaware families.

More than 530,000 people have died from the Corona virus in the United States, more than any other country. “When you count the 100,000 people we lost during the summer and the 300,000 people who died in the fall and winter wave, you have to ask yourself and realize that things did not go as they should have been,” Birx said. . “We are all responsible for that.”

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