Deadly weather and massive damage in Auckland

Deadly weather and massive damage in Auckland

With our correspondent in Auckland, Richard Tendler

Several thousand residents are still without electricity and hundreds of them still do not have access to water. In West Auckland, which has been hit hard by the floods, volunteers are doing everything they can to distribute water to residents.

There was no running water for more than three days. Yesterday, we pumped water for fourteen hours to distribute it in bottles to residents. We do our best for the community says one of the volunteers.

A landslide caused by flood waters destroys a home in Auckland, Saturday, January 28, 2023. AP – Hedden Woodward

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Arm yourself with patience

These floods inundated more than 25 districts in Auckland. In Epsom, just in the town centre, residents have begun to clean up, but now concerns are over insurance claims. ” We know it will take months. says a woman. There are a lot of other homes that were affected. It is difficult to imagine when we will be able to receive compensation. »

More than 2,000 permits are issued daily, a rate that is not likely to slow in the coming days. Insurance companies warn them that it will take patience.

As for the weather, if the rains subside on Monday in Auckland, then again heavy rains are expected in the coming days.

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