Dead Space Remake will have story additions, and there will be no microtransactions

Dead Space Remake will have story additions, and there will be no microtransactions

distance The official reveal of a remake of Dead SpaceHere’s more information about the ambitious project with which Electronic Arts hopes to revive its horror franchise.

EA MotiveThe team working to rebuild Dead Space from scratch has determined that the primary goal will be to create a worthy character Reincarnation of the ancestor of the series. However, what happened in the next two chapters will not be completely left aside, we will be able to find a place in the new version in retrospect.

“Our, The basis is the story of Dead Space 1. So, this is the law. But then there are some Improvements we want to make to this storyCampos Oriola said. “The improvements are not because something didn’t work originally, but Because of what happened next. We do it from a narrative point of view, but also from a privileged point of view and in some of the content that has developed during the franchise.”Ducharme has been added. “So we’re watching What can be taken and brought back in the first game from a futuristic point of view. So it seems that we can also expect news regarding the gameplay and mechanics, in addition to the narratives, the team also confirms the lack of microtransactions and does not rule out the possibility of introducing elements taken from the Dead Space sequels.

Electronic Arts then continued the interview with outlining how in the next few years they would like to provide users with a wide range of video game products. FIFA, Apex Legends and The Sims are part of the live services, but The publisher will also want to devote himself to single-player works in the style of Dead Space:

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“We want to create games that deliver the experiences users are looking for. Sometimes it’s a single player story experience, where you can immerse yourself in another world. We want players to choose a title or game. The EA experience, and that means we have to create the kind of games they want to play. Focusing on just one type or model limits the number of users we can reach. We want to meet the people who play and strive to wow our fans with products that continue to surprise and delight them..

Remake of Dead Space Expected on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. At the moment, no release window has been reported from EA.

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