Dax fights back against Nevers

Dax fights back against Nevers

toDecember is crucial for DAX, especially since November ended badly in Béziers (40-14). Rouen and 16th place were looming again and we had to get away from that pesky red zone. Through a restrained but effective playing strategy, Geoff Dubois’ men were able to create a new top team at home. “We always talk about other teams but we also have to know how to look at ourselves,” defended Romuald Segui, triumphantly. It’s all about self-confidence and the start of the game allowed us to build on that.

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Dakwa Joshua Furno has developed his own philosophy of rugby renin

At 34 years old, the Australian-born Italian international enters the 12th club of his career with US club Dax. With his experience at XXL, he is confident of hosting Nevers this Friday (7.30pm), citing the “strengths” of Landes’ collective line-up.

After Dacquois’ opening penalty kick, the group, surfing three good shots in a row, organized themselves into a carried ball. The advance of several meters was such that the full-backs were able to play quickly on the outside fifteen meters from Neverness’s goal, which was crossed at the winger’s end by a brilliant pass from Maxime Oltmann. The start was perfect, and Nevers even allowed himself a brilliant penalty from an indirect throw, as a sign. During their recent trip to Angoulême, Javier Beimia’s men made 19 errors and missed out on their first away win without being able to showcase their attacking prowess.

Despite the lack of discipline

In the rain, Nevers responded patiently and powerfully with a try from midfield three Fraser (23) but they continued to make mistakes immediately. Sigui’s feet punished them before his counterpart Lou Bourhis did, first with a red card and then with a penalty that was too short a few sequences later. Enough to please Paul Ravier, who was ruled out for ten minutes for a foul against play, shortly after his return following an injury to Silvere Rito. During his absence, his teammates did not give up any points. Defensively solid, Dacquois’ side were guilty of a lack of discipline, in the game as well as in the running game (ten penalties were awarded during the first period alone). It returned the result to the yellow and blue, with a difference of only three points in the first half (13-10).

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The rain has stopped, and the beautiful game too. Back from the locker room, despite three points from Séguy, Dacquois and Nivernais were limited to making gains for a short, dull quarter-hour. Linebacker Kilian Jaminet opened the scoring with a 50-22 run. Confident with carried balls, the yellow and blue teams were able to play around a good lead and, through a pass judged by the crowd and the Daquis crew, created the breakthrough. Under the local fury, Pro D2 top scorer Elia Elia scored his eighth try of the season (16-17, 54). Trailing for the first time, Dax and Sigui regained the advantage nine minutes later.

Psychological transformation

While Nevers increased his aggression, Daqua found in Thibaut Drian’s injury, a knee injury after a violent tackle on the neck (yellow card from Toliafou in the 69th minute), the lever to respond. Nevers was punished in his camp, unable to stop the advance with the ball carried by no less than ten daquas. Herriart Urruti came on to round off a salvaging team effort, which could have been even more so had Romuald Segué’s bizarre turn over. We had to keep the result, but the frustrated Neverne team made another bad move (Zenon, 77th place) which sealed the victory for the locals once and for all.

Thibaut Drian suffered a knee injury after a tackle on Toliafou's neck.  After the match, the technical staff feared a long absence.
Thibaut Drian suffered a knee injury after a tackle on Toliafou’s neck. After the match, the technical staff feared a long absence.

Isabelle Louviere/Southwest

Nevers was looking for his first away success, but faced a determined Dakwa, who was only too happy to be rid of the bad spiral that was looming after Béziers’ blunder. Valence-Romans will be received, in a week’s time, with a well-deserved breath of fresh air: US Dax with 25 points is eleven units behind the Red Lantern.

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Sam Wasley, Power

He was one of the first enlisted men to be officially hired by US Dax. New Zealand third rower Sam Wasley, who arrived from Spain, played his first match in his new colors on Friday after months of managerial setbacks and then physical preparation. The number 8 was ready for Nevers and it showed. The 123kg man, with his strong tones, forcefully introduced himself to his new audience. As he progressed, he broke several tackles, showing that he can play after and before contact. He became less available after the break, when the kicking game took control of the game, and Wasley continued to defend the player aggressively. He signed, despite his lack of rhythm, a promising 80 minutes in a position that does not lack candidates (Ferrer, Limalo, Osset, etc.) and profiles.

The third row is positioned with Sam Wasley, at the back of the crowd.
The third row is positioned with Sam Wasley, at the back of the crowd.

Isabelle Louviere/Southwest


Romuald Segui, US DAX Editorial: “We had to look for this win, yes and no, in the sense that if I had not dropped a point, even if the game was difficult, we could have been less afraid. Today we are happy, everyone did the job and we came away with four points. It was three matches without The conditions were perfect in it. Despite everything, in this game of ping pong and conquest, we managed to get the points. It’s frustrating, I want another game of rugby but at the moment, it’s winning. The Pro D2 is tall, and we’ve had some disappointments Hope, but we still cling to it and our journey continues.

Arnaud Aletti, captain of the American DAX team: “We were afraid. They managed to come back with a converted effort but we held on until the end. I think the Biarritz experience (the success taken from the buzzer) meant that we knew it would be decided until the last seconds. After Béziers, our belts were tightened, especially in terms of our portable balloons. “We worked on this point. The beginning of the match was good, the first half came on time and in the second half we were able to get our hands on the ball a little and in the end we won.”

Kilian Jaminet, full-back Nevers: “We were in the game midway through the second half. We weren’t at the start. We made a lot of mistakes, I don’t know the exact number but we weren’t bad. We were looking for our first win away from home, without disrespecting Dax, and again, we didn’t do what we said we would.” “It is frustrating. We are disappointed, but we only have ourselves to blame. We write when we should not write, and play when we should not play. It is a matter of details in this type of match.”

the paper

American Dax 24 – 17 Oso-Nivers
Weather: Rainy Ground: Boring Spectators: 4001 Referee: M. Lespess, first half: 13-10
DAX 24
Points: Two attempts from Aultmann (7th place), Herriart Urutti (73rd place); One shift of Siggy (VII); 4 penalties for Sigui (5, 23, 45, 63)
Yellow card: Rafer 23 (against play)
Duprat (Séricier 65) – Nassara, Forquet, Boulakourou (Dagürre 65), Oltmann – (S) Segui, (M) Ritu (Ravier 21) – Tremio (Barrère 40), Wasley, Aletti (Cap.) (Tremio 68) – Forneau, Singer, Letigaga (Luluhia 51), Delonca (Heriart-Uruti 51, then Delonca 77), Mari (Drian 51, then Mari 70)
Nevers 17
Points: Two tries from Fraser (23rd), Elia (54th); 2 conversions from Le Boris (23, 54); One penalty kick from Lou Bourhis (37th minute)
Yellow cards: Tolifoa D69 (dangerous tackle), Zenon D77 (kick to the shoulder in the face).
Jaminet – Ambadiang, Paris, Derieux (Cape) (Xenon 70), Matheron – Le Bourhis, Manifi (Minoret 65) – David (Platarette 53), Fraser, Bastide (Kazubec 59) – Bolotelli (Tolevois). 57th place), Van der Merwe-Kunyuna (Modarecki 53rd), Ilya (Christians 68th), Matradze (Kituto 53rd).

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