David Cronenberg returns to science fiction after 20 years

David Cronenberg returns to science fiction after 20 years

Few directors have managed to leave such an imprint on science fiction that their names are used as adjectives to describe a particular style of aesthetic, so it should come as no surprise from the huge uproar among fans of David Cronenberg when he announced his return to the genre.

It’s been more than 20 years since Kronenberg’s last entry into science fiction with the messy cyber thriller “eXistenZ,” a period when the director focused on some dramas, never losing his awkward and uncomfortable style of mastery. Annoying.

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According to the “Deadline”, the director is preparing to start filming “Future Crimes” next summer, confirming the participation of his loyal assistant Vigo Mortensen in the lead, along with Kristen Stewart and Leah Seydoux.

Scott Speedman, Welker Bongoy, Don McKellar and Lehi Kornowski have also been confirmed to take part. While plot details of this project have not been revealed, it is due to make its debut sometime in 2022.

According to the report, Kronenberg will present the story of a performer who has embraced transhumanist humanity in a society in which changing attractions and biological forces are part of everyday life, favoring or favoring sectors of society.

Regarding this film, Kronenberg was confining himself to saying, “I have an unfinished business with the future.” Thanks to films such as “Dead Ringers”, “The Fly”, “Scanners” and “Videodrome”, the Canadian filmmaker has occupied a special place in the history of horror cinema for his contributions to so-called “physical horror” and the introduction of the concept of “new meat”: the union between the organic And technologist.

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“Working with David Cronenberg is embarking on an expedition to a land that no one has ever visited before.” Robert Lantos, the film’s producer, said, “Every collaboration between us is an exciting adventure and David’s steadfast vision is what real cinema means.”

Despite the fact that his legacy in artistic cinema has remained somewhat dimmed with films such as Oriental Promises, Dangerous Way, or Map to the Stars, Kronenberg has managed to maintain his directing and manipulative style. Novelist, though it’s likely the director still had a few surprises in his store for his new movie.

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