Dark Cube's “Cadran” reopens in Liège: the event space aims to become a mecca for underground techno music

The symbolic event site of the former “Palace” station will not remain empty for long. In fact, while last January the managers of One Reality announced the final closure of the virtual reality center, a new buyer has just announced the resumption of the building and its opening on June 15, 2024. Specifically, Cadran will become the signature space and Dark Cube, a collective organizing events in Liège focuses on underground techno music; A musical performance that was missing in the landscape of the Cité ardente, the group believes.

2700 square meters

As a reminder, this space extending over 2,700 square meters historically served as the entrance to the former Palace station (Saint-Lambert) and was designed during the 1970s, before its renovation in 2012. In fact, 12 years ago, the space became the target of “The Cadran”. To host events, musical in particular, in its three distinct spaces, including the main room (Kadran), Studio 22 and the Rotonde Louise… with a total capacity of 1,000 people. In 2019, those responsible for the project withdrew their reference, leaving room for the Virtual Reality Center, which will therefore close its doors after 5 years.

Today, it is the Dark Cube collective that has taken up residence in the KulturA buildings (Rue Roture, Outremeuse), which after 6 years of activity has decided “Giving a big boost by settling in a symbolic location.”.

The request has ended.

Clubs reference

“For Dark Cube, resuming this place is important.”Because it is part of the continuity of the city's revitalization process that began with the arrival of the tram. In the fertile land that is Liège, clubbing remains strangely absent. Nowadays, the public is forced to travel to Flanders and Brussels, where clubbing is also recognized as part of the region's cultural heritage..

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By occupying Cadran, Dark Cube intends to respond to the demand that is so present in Liège, and even aims to become “A European reference in this field.”. Moreover, the group's interest is not limited to clubbing, as Dark Cube also intends to offer its services for organizing cultural events and B2B business events. “Those interested will be able to rent modular spaces thanks to formats adapted for exhibitions, concerts, workshops, thematic exhibitions, staff dinners, etc. They will benefit, as in the past, from a fully equipped, versatile infrastructure and an ideal location in the heart of Liège.”.

The opening is scheduled to take place on June 15, next Saturday, at 11 p.m., with the club's first event. Techno lovers, mark your calendars!

Cadran space in Liège/Archive ©devoghel
Opening of the new space “Le Cadran” in Liège / Archive ©devoghel

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