Dan Carter’s Crazy Challenge for Kids

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Kickathon. This is the name of the amazing challenge that Dan Carter is launching in partnership with UNICEF. Former Glory of All Blacks is launching the first edition of this challenge to help poor children in the Pacific region.

In this kickathon, Dan Carter will hit no fewer than 1,598 kicks in 24 hours (from Thursday morning to Friday morning in Auckland’s Eden Park. That’s about 66 shots on target per hour, without a second sleep. The goal is “Raise as much money as possible for the poorest children in the Pacific”as explained by NZ, as we can read in Rojberama. “When I finished my career, what I missed most was the ability to test my limits. There, I have the perfect opportunity to see what I still have in my stomach.”

Dan Carter has been in intensive training for seven months. He’ll kick his kicks From the 22-yard line in front of the rolls. He will be alone in this challenge but some of the big names in rugby will support him:

On site, Luke McAlister, Grant Fox and Leon McDonald will spend a few minutes at the start of ‘Kickathon’. Then, to help me while New Zealand is asleep, some friends in Europe will take over: Live, I’ll call Vin Russell in Paris , Romain Ntamak in Toulouse, Johnny Sexton in Dublin, Ronan O’Jara in La Rochelle or Marcus Smith in London; They will also take a few shots on goal. They will actually help me survive. ..”

The kickathon has already begun and as of this writing, Dan Carter still has 23 hours and 17 minutes left, having already landed 64 of 65 kick attempts.

to summarize

Kickathon. That’s the name of the incredible challenge that Dan Carter is launching in partnership with UNICEF: fire no less than 1,598 kicks in 24 hours. He had never seen one like him.
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