Dan Carter explique pourquoi son retour au Racing 92 a échoué en 2019 !

Dan Carter Explains Why His Return To Racing 92 In 2019 Failed!

In 2019, Racing 92 found itself in an awkward position after a long absence from Pat Lambi, who suffered frequent concussions.

Francilene FC was then looking for an experienced opener and reliable striker to replace the South African who could no longer play rugby.

And then Racing 92 boss Jacky Lorenzetti had a good idea to convince Dan Carter to return to the club, who left the ranks of Ile-de-France in 2018.

Unfortunately for Jackie Lorenzetti, Dan Carter’s return cannot take place due to medical reasons.

Dan Carter has talked about this in columns Olympic Noon. Extract:

“I simply failed the medical exam before signing my contract. […] Everything seemed to be going well: we found a house, my family packed our bags and we were about to get on the plane. Right before we left, NRL called me and said, “Sorry, we can’t let you play.”

A problem with his neck was detected. Extract:

“I found this strange…the French doctors said there was a problem with my neck…”

In the end, Dan Carter had to undergo emergency surgery to avoid the worst. Extract:

I immediately went to see the surgeon who had been following me for several years. The diagnosis of the French doctors confirmed: my neck was badly damaged and I had to urgently have an operation. In the end, I was very lucky, an extra match can be very expensive.”

One thing is for sure: the New Zealander really regrets not being able to return to Racing. Extract:

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“But until today, I really regret that I was not able to come to Racing… My Racing story is not complete. I was champion of France with this club but I wish I could give him a European title… We came very close, against Leinster or Saracens. …”

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