Dakar protests in Ukraine over its recruitment of volunteers

Dakar protests in Ukraine over its recruitment of volunteers

This week, Dakar expressed its dissatisfaction with Kyiv, and called on it to stop all recruitment of Senegalese to fight in Ukraine after the recruitment of thirty-six people.

A week after the Russian invasion ofUkraineThe Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed that it had “become aware of the publication on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Embassy in Dakar on March 3 of an appeal for foreign nationals to provide assistance” in the country.

According to the ministry’s statement, Ambassador Yuriel Pivovarov was “immediately invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the purpose of verification and approval of this publication.” He confirmed the existence of this publication, adding that thirty-six candidates had applied.

‘Illegal’ practice

Dakar “strongly” condemned this practice, recalling that the recruitment of volunteers, mercenaries and foreign fighters on Senegalese soil is “illegal”. The Senegal Consequently, “the embassy urged the immediate withdrawal of the appeal and the cessation of any procedure without delay to recruit Senegalese nationals or foreigners from Senegalese territory.”

On Wednesday, during a vote at the United Nations to demand that “Russia immediately cease the use of force against Ukraine,” Senegal abstained.

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