Cycling, national championships: here are the winners - sports - other sports

Cycling, national championships: here are the winners – sports – other sports

Wout van Aert

Bologna, June 21, 2021 – weekend in the national championships by Tour de France Which will start on June 26 with the arrival of the first stage in Brest. In Italy a convincing success Sony coulbrilli After a two-way escape with Fausto Backing, will wear the runner tricolor jersey in the Grand Boucle, but it has also been raced in the major cycling nations, with some surprising results. Let’s meet the national heroes along with Sonny Colbrelli.

Tour de France 2021: dates, stages and provisional start list for participants

Belgium a van Aert, Slovacchia a Sagan

Nice final in Belgium where the Jumbo Visma Watt champion بطل from art He beat Dylan in a sprint Teens and ramko EvenbolThe Belgian will race the Tour in the national champion jersey. The same goes for Remy Cavagna In France, although his victory was more graceful and solo with 58 seconds over Rudy MallardDamian, Terzo Touze. In Spain, a surprising victory in a short and slightly arduous race for Omar monk On Herrada Lopez. There was an expectation in Slovenia for Tadej Pojacar, but in the end Matej prevailed Mohoric About Jean Polanc. Needless to say that in Slovakia it happened to Peter Sagan Which will also be at the start of the Tour de France. In other major nations, Wurtz hits schmidt In Denmark, by Maximilian Schachmann In Germany, by Yevgeny Fedorov In Kazakhstan, by Timo Rosen In Holland, by Tobias vos, seen in George’s Giro d’Italia, Norway Bennett In New Zealand, by Macej Patersky In Poland and Sylvan Dealer in Switzerland.

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