Cycling.  Coup de "show" on the Tour de Romandie.

Cycling. Coup de “show” on the Tour de Romandie.

Organizers of the third stage of the Tour de Romandie in Granges-près-Marnand put plates in the large to welcome the Romande Loop caravan on Friday. But a wrong adventure at the start of the race could have ruined everything…

Tour de Romandie riders covered La Broye on Friday.

Corner stone

Fear at the beginning of the third stage of the Tour de Romande in Valbroi! Since the start had just been suspended, the team car was stuck between security barriers at the Sui Crossing located in downtown Broyard. “When the barriers fell, the driver obviously did not know whether to advance or retreat. So he remained blocked in the middle of the railway tracks,” explained one of the onlookers who watched the scene. Fortunately, the safety barriers can be quickly raised to allow the vehicle to leave the level crossing.

Aside from that heat stroke at the start of the race, this stage at La Broye drew a large crowd on the streets of the village of Granges-près-Marnand. Spectators were able to enjoy the ingenuity of Matt Rebow (39) who was invited by the organizers.

A native of Bayern, the Freestyle Speedway Champion enjoyed several exhibitions in front of a conspicuous audience. “Since I am married and have children, I am at a period in my career where I focus more on shows like today than on traditional competitions. By doing this, I also find it great to reach an audience that has never been to this sport and can watch it in real life rather than From TV,” said the person who also enjoys mountain biking to improve his physical preparation.

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Matt Ribeau wasn’t the only known athlete to have taken to the skies of Breuer since skater Justin Morissier, 30, had the privilege of enjoying a helicopter ride to follow the Peloton for a few kilometers at the start of the stage. All smiles after trying it, the convict obviously enjoyed the moment. A breath of fresh air for those who will resume physical preparation on Monday after two weeks of well-deserved vacation. “But without riding a bike,” he said with a laugh.

For the record, New Zealander Patrick Bevin (31) won the third stage of the Tour de Romandie. The Israeli national team rider beat Britain’s Ethan Hayter (23) and Australian green jersey Rohan Dennis (31) in the sprint.

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