Cry of alert 70 tour operators: ‘We are dying’

Organized tourism supply chain in turmoil trying to intervene in case Very serious annoyance. The latest alarm shriek is the one he uttered About seventy tour operators Italians specialize in Tourism outside European borders, which are joining forces to draw attention to a broader sector in deep crisis.

we die – He reads the note issued by the group -. travel tourism to Destinations outside the European Union It will not open immediately. I hope we’ll talk about it again in the fall but the feeling is that it will last until the end of the year.”
Tourism “is spread over the national territory for some sites and facts. Bookings on Airbnb or Booking have been restarted, groups that pay taxes abroad and not in Italy, so they leave nothing for our country. Sure, some Italian accommodation facilities, restaurants or open spaces are back in business, and many will be sold out next summer but this This does not mean that tourism has recovered – explain Alessandro Simonetti, The owner of World Explorer is among the many names of the group -. The tourism sector will resume billing in earnest when Organized and Intermediated TripsDefinitely not in the face of the current situation, do it yourself. I 16 months, From March 11, 2020 specifically we are not working We do not exercise. It is good to explain that clearly.”

“Open” destinations
“Who will go to Maldives, Mexico or the Caribbean – He keeps noticing – He does it Violation of ministerial provisionsThe; Allowed flights are only those that take place within the European Union, to countries that are part ofSchengen Agreementthe United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, then again Andorra, the Principality of Monaco and Israel. To these, we join a number of countries band d: Rwanda, Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, most of which are understood to remain closed to tourist flows.”

European strategy
“we reject important practices Specifically to comply with the provisions that come from the Ministry of Health and the Interior, but now we have come to the end,” Simonetti emphasizes.
The ‘to’ protest includes facts that sales of 1 million to 10 million euros annually in the pre-Covid era are not large enough to withstand this shock for much longer. And this day, anyway It is not possible to have a calendar Or from the provisions regulating the reopening of borders, the Italian government would like to In line with other European countries When traveling outside the European Union. And he will take care of her New credits to allow the sector to survive.

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