Cruise: A cruise booked on the spot though at this price

Cruz: Crazy! I booked the entire flight in a few hours – despite that price

Cruise: These household items are prohibited on board

Cruise: These household items are prohibited on board

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What Sea trip-Hammer!

Corona still rules the world. Lots Sea tripFans are already dreaming of a longing for the next trip, but due to the pandemic, many shipping companies are being forced to do so. Sea tripEither the offers are drastically restricted or canceled altogether. And even if it’s one Sea trip Possible despite Corona: Quite a few, despite all the hygiene and testing measures, you do not have a good feeling of being with a number of strangers in a confined space.

All that is more surprising is that one particular Sea trip– Travel fully booked within a few hours – despite Corona and above all despite this price!

Cruz: Crazy! I booked the entire flight in a few hours – despite that price

British shipping company “Silversea Cruises” offers luxury cruises that circulate around the world. Passengers on luxury ships for several months, visiting a number of countries. In 2023, Silversea presents a new world tour, “The Story of the South Side”. In a couple of years, the pandemic should be perfectly under control so that such large cruises can happen without any problems.

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This flight was sold out in just 24 hours. According to Silversea, this is the “most successful pre-booking in cruise line history”. That’s blatant enough, people seem to crave relaxation and adventure. But if you look at the prices of the cruise, you have to be amazed, because: the cheapest tickets per person cost 66,000 euros!


This is the Coronavirus:

  • It is SARS-CoV-2 (English acronym: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2)
  • Belonging to the coronavirus family, the infection can cause a new respiratory disease, Covid-19
  • It was first discovered in 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan
  • Classified by the World Health Organization on January 30, 2020 as a “health emergency of international concern” and on March 11, 2020 as a pandemic
  • Infection is usually caused by infection by droplets and aerosols
  • There are now many of the more contagious mutations – British, South African, and Brazilian mutations


Luxury cruises sold out within hours despite the hefty price tag

For the most expensive tickets, you have to pay an incredible 254,000 euros. Cabin pricing is common, but it is a price per customer here. Silversea CEO, Roberto Martinoli, is satisfied, says Ali Company page: “This success, the most successful start of a world tour in the history of our cruise line, testifies to the strong demand that we are seeing in the market, especially from the wealthy and discerning travelers.”

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But one thing must be left to Silversea: Cruises are tough. “Silver Shadow” provides space for 388 passengers, all suites are overlooking the sea, and there is a personal buffet service and 24-hour service. The journey takes 139 days, and there are 66 destinations – located in 34 countries on five continents, including Mauritius, Cape Verde, New Zealand, South Africa, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea.

Well everything else would be almost disappointing at these prices … (mg)


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Corona makes cruises very difficult, as many cruises are frequently canceled in a short time. This frustrates many customers who have already booked their flights. A customer has now turned to Aida and has talked a lot! You can read what to order and how Aida reacts here.

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