Crowley no longer coached Italy after the World Cup, Quesada on pole

Crowley no longer coached Italy after the World Cup, Quesada on pole

Future former Italy coach Kieran Crowley Russell Cheney/Reuters

The Italian Federation has formalized the departure of the New Zealand coach, despite the latter’s desire to continue his mission for another four years. The name of the former Stade Français manager is determined to succeed him.

The Italian Rugby Federation announced on Thursday 15 June 2023 that Kieran Crowley will be stepping down as coach after the World Cup. A disdain for New Zealand, in his position since 2021 and who was hoping to extend his contract. Musharraf’s record so far is with six wins – including one for Wales in the 2022 Championship and the other against Australia, and there are two historic first victories for Italy.

Kieran’s time with Italian rugby has been very positive. He raised a group of boys, turning them into men and players of the highest international level. For that we will be forever grateful.said the President of the International Aviation Region, Marzio Innocenti.

I regret FIR’s decision not to extend my contract.Kieran Crowley

Tribute not dear Crowley. “I regret FIR’s decision not to extend my contract. We have a young team that has gained good experience over the past year, with improved performance in many areas. With the World Cup and four more years of international matches, we will have a group averaging 50-60 caps, which is an exciting prospect. Unfortunately, I will not be part of this trip.»

But the New Zealander confirmed that he would take his duties seriously until the end of his contract. “I will be 100% committed with our staff to preparing this group of players (for the World Cup) in the best possible way.»

For his succession, the name returns with persistence. Gonzalo Quesada, who saw his contract with Stade Français Paris expire this month a year early.

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