Cricket: Australian cricket captain Tim Payne loses calm with the referee in a third Test against India

Tim Payne and Nathan Lyon question referee Paul Wilson on the DRS referral against Chicheshwar Bogara. Image / Getty Images

Australia captain Tim Payne lost his nerve with the referees after a controversial review of the SCG’s DRS on Saturday morning.

On the 56th day, the Australians pleaded for the arrest of a short leg after Nathan Lyon thought he had found the inner rim of the Chichwar Bogara.

However, field referee Paul Wilson believed he was not outside, prompting Payne to call the DRS.

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There was no apparent limit to replays, and the Hot Spot showed no signs of a feature either – even though players were blocking the side camera.

The third referee, Bruce Oxenford, said there was a “flat streak” when the ball passed the ball to Seneco, meaning there was enough evidence to overturn the decision on the field.

But Ben was not impressed with the referee, and got angry at Wilson after the decision was made.

“Where are the hotspots? The hotspots from the other side?” Payne yelled, indicating that Oxenford had not spent enough time examining the camera on the side of the leg.

“ Consistency, mind – something is over it.

“He said there is nothing on Hotspot on the other side.”

Wilson replied, “He’s making the decision and not me, I’m not the third ruler.”

With “consistency,” Paine likely signaled his dismissal in the second rounds in the MCG, when a decision on the field not to exit was nullified due to Snicko’s slight spike.

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In Melbourne, Wilson was the TV umpire who sent Payne packing with the Australian wicket keeper accusing the official of being too rushed with his assessment.

“My interest was not in technology, but rather in the precedence set in the first rounds [Cheteshwar] Bogara, and the fact that I think the decision was made very quickly, “Payne said at the time.

“[Wilson] Didn’t look back enough to see the complete guide. Maybe there was a gap between the bat and the ball, the streak [on snicko] Itself had started before it passed the bat.

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