Create your comet at Fête de la science in Marseille

Create your comet at Fête de la science in Marseille

The 30th edition of Fête de la science kicks off this weekend across France. Various pilot and promotion workshops are offered in Marseille by different organisations. The Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory, for example, shows how to create your own comet.

Science is coming out of the labs this weekend. Fête de la science is held all over France. In Marseille, many organizations exhibit and give workshops in the Espace Villeneuve-Bargemon, behind the Town Hall. They are moving Lots of fun experiences For young and old. “It provides ideas for what we can do at home, but it also offers ideas that we can think of later.”, confirms Agathe Mattei, regional coordinator of Fête de la Science.

However, there is one experience that is difficult to reproduce at home: create your own comet. This is his offer Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory. It is necessary to mix, among other things, dry ice (Very cold), sulfur, ammonia and water. It all clumps together and forms a little comet.

Practical information

The Science Festival continues this Sunday in several places in Marseille, notably in Espace Villeneuve-Bargemon. Detailed program is On the website of the Ministry of Graduate Studies, Research and Innovation.

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