Covid Today New Zealand, 'No Vaccine, No Action' plan

Covid Today New Zealand, ‘No Vaccine, No Action’ plan

“No vaccine, no work.” To deal with the Covid emergency, teachers in New Zealand who refuse the coronavirus vaccine will not be able to enter nurseries or school gardens from 15 November. And if they did, they would commit a crime. To confirm the decision on the “No Cake, No Job” plan on October 28, reports the New Zealand Herald, the country’s education department. Furthermore, by January 1, 2022, all teachers should have received the second dose as well.

“Only teachers who have had at least one vaccine will be able to contact children after November 15,” says the NZ Herald, which reports department data on the subject: “Employees who refuse to meet vaccination requirements — he says — cannot return to work. On-site as of November 16, and if they did, they would commit a crime of violation,” the ministry explains, referring to the early childhood education centers. “In this case – it continues – they will have to consult with a staff member to determine why they are not vaccinated,” as well as agreeing alternative jobs “if possible.”

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