Covid: The Indian variant is more contagious and resistant to antibodies according to the World Health Organization

Covid: The Indian variant is more contagious and resistant to antibodies according to the World Health Organization

By Laurent P. Posted May 9, 2021 at 7:04 PM Updated May 9, 2021 at 7:05 PM

According to the World Health Organization, the Indian variant of Covid is more contagious and more resistant to antibodies, which makes the vaccines less effective. The observations were announced on Saturday, May 8, and countries are urged to be very careful in disclosing these cases.

A new breed of Coronavirus disease Which puts experts on high alert …Who is theVia its chief scholar, Toxicity SwaminathanOn Saturday, May 8, states are warned of alternative This “if” B 1.617Indicating that this strain of the virus “Has mutations that increase rates of transmission, which can also make it resistant to antibodies that have developed through vaccination or natural contamination.“.

a alternative What or what ‘Who is the It can be classified among the most dangerous strains of the virus, as our colleagues explained to us West of France,One of the greatest infection ratesBut also because of her ability.Overcoming the defenses vaccination and mortality provide to patientsAccording to the scientist. And to clarify that vaccination alone will not be sufficient in India.Because the epidemic is infecting thousands of people and it is multiplying at a speed that is difficult to stop“.”It would take months, if not years, to reach the 70 to 80% rate.“Of the fortified population of India, it continues Toxicity Swaminathan.

An explosion in pollution in the country cannot only be attributed to the Indian alternative, which appears to have occurred, according to the chief scientist atWho is the,Let your guard down very soon“Then, long before the epidemic was brought under control on its soil.”Large mass gatheringsAnd she keeps: “These early signs were missed until the transmission reached a point where the takeoff was vertical.“.

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To control the pandemic, there is only one solution: putting in place already proven health measures, such as confinement or curfews, which India is rejecting at the moment. “The greater the virus replication, spread, and transmission, the greater the risk of mutations and adaptationsYazid, alert too Toxicity Swaminathan. And to follow up:Variables that accumulate a large number of mutations may become resistant to the vaccines we currently haveIt concludes:It would be a problem for the whole world“.

As a reminder, on Saturday, May 8, India recorded more than 4,000 deaths from Coronavirus disease Within 24 hours, more than 400,000 new infections were reported.

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