Covid let's go, hope: 'Toward another reopening'

Covid let’s go, hope: ‘Toward another reopening’

“The upcoming opening of reservations for more than 40 years is useful for planning purposes, but the national focus is still on over 80 years, given that there are still many missing.” Covid Emergency Commissioner Francesco Vigliolo said this on the sidelines of his visit to Trentino Alto Adige.

In any case, the general added, “With Decree No. 6 issued on April 9, there was a significant increase in the rates of more than 80 weak vaccines in all regions, with a sharp and sudden decrease in hospitalizations, intensive treatments and deaths.”

There are 3,476,377 over 80 completely vaccinated in Italy. That’s 76.87% of the people expected. This was revealed by the commissioner’s weekly vaccination report. Those over the 80s who received the first dose were 4,002,914, equivalent to 88.51%. Finally, 519,666 over 80 years old are still awaiting first management, which equates to 11.49% of the total. Alternatively, 1,228,783, equivalent to 20.40%, subjects aged 70 to 79 years received a booster dose, while 4,526.186 (75.16%) received the first dose. Awaiting the first vaccination 1,495,947 (24.84%).

Supermarket workers, but also those in the transportation, logistics and tourism sectors. These are some of the priority groups for which vaccination can be run as part of the June Productive Categories plan. According to what has been learned, it is a document that Inail is working on, also in light of the indications provided by the regions. Among the groups that were initially identified as priorities were hairdressers and beauty experts.

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Well the document that contains indicators for vaccination against Covid in the workplace, which identifies the priority groups that have been “sent to the regions”, and that “we are ready to start the vaccination campaign, along with the availability of doses.” This was announced by Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando: “It starts with those who helped in these months of the health emergency prevent the country from stalling in essential sectors: from workers in the retail and large-scale distribution in the food sector, to transport workers, from workers Catering to personal services. “

“On June 2, not on Republic Day, we will open the vaccinations for the last group, that is, children between the ages of 16 and 29, in order to get the first dose before going on vacation. On May 27, we can open the vaccinations in the range of 30-39” . The Lombard vaccination campaign coordinator said, Guido Bertolaso, During a press conference in Palazzo Lombardia. We imagined opening reservations for 40-49-year-olds to get vaccinated on May 20, guaranteeing management at the start of June. Bertolaso ​​added that the whole region of Lombardy will receive the first dose before going on vacation, which means herd immunity, calm, image and the ability to be welcoming.

Veneto opened – before Monday, the commissioner indicated – a reservation of a 40-year-old Covid virus vaccine. This was announced by President Luca Zaia, calling on the previous age group (50-59 years) to hurry, because as of noon, another 742,000 people will enter the site. “From this point on – Zaia said – 200,000 free seats are available.” “From 4 PM, reservations are open for children up to 40 years old. Vaccination is possible during the day. ”Zia said at the usual press point on Covid. The governor also announced the availability of the“ SanitàKmZero ”app, where vaccinations can be booked directly from a smartphone. To the green light, that is, we will not continue to work according to the age goal, which was by far the best system. It will not be necessary to go to the centers with an identity card. ”This was stated by the President of Veneto, Luca Zaia, announcing that the vaccinations will leave from today for children aged 40 years.

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From midnight on May 14, reservations are open for the 52 and 53 age groups, or for those born in 1969 and 1968. Citizens and Citizens can book through the SaluteLazio website, https: // libriavaccino-covid. /. This was announced in a note from the Ministry of Health, Social and Health Integration of the Lazio Region.

Lazio asked the Covid emergency commissioner for 100,000 doses of the Astrazeneca vaccine that had remained unused in other regions. The doses, as far as learned, can be used for other open days that will be repeated after being sold out of the 20,000 available slots for the weekend on Thursday within two and a half hours.

From May 15, the vaccination platform for citizens in the age group 45-49 will open in Campania. For group 40-44, the platform will open from next Tuesday, May 18th. Report of the Crisis Unit in the region.

In Liguria “I have already issued instructions to vaccinate all temporary residents. We will also vaccinate tourists. ”District President and Health Adviser Giovanni Totti stated at the press point about the epidemic. Totti explained that“ it must be understood: those who go on weekends and plan to stop on Monday to get vaccinated will not be vaccinated. ”He explained that Those who spend the summer or long period in Liguria can do “something already provided for in the health system”: register with ASL as a “temporary resident”, and register their health card for the same health resident reservation systems.

More than 8 million Italians were vaccinated with both doses. According to the data published on the government website, there are so far 8070,376 citizens who have completed the vaccination course, equivalent to 13.62% of the population. Nearly 26 million doses (25912,621) doses have been administered since the start of the vaccination campaign while approximately 30 million (29,583,060) doses have been delivered: thus the regions have more than 3.6 million doses available.

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