Covid and Burioni reveal his strategy for a "real victory"

Covid and Burioni reveal his strategy for a “real victory”

Roberto Burioni on Twitter commented on some of the tweets from Eric Topol, referring to the strategy of achieving a “real victory” over Covid.

Virologist Roberto Borione He responded on Twitter to the American scientist Eric Topol, which published on the social network the graph of the increase in the number of injuries recorded in Israel with the delta variable. Topol wrote:It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Cases fell to zero in June after one of the world’s most aggressive vaccination campaigns. Then Delta came.”

Also among the comments is that of Roberto Burioni, who wrote: “In Israel, less than 60% of people have completed the course of vaccination. They started out very aggressive but left more than 40% of the population at risk with an infectious variant like Delta, so the scenario The current is not surprising.

Then the Italian expert added: “We have to do Reach more than 90% of vaccinated people for a real win“.

Roberto Burioni and “self-destruction”

In another tweet, Eric Topol shared a chart with the current patient in the hospital at United State.

The American scientist commented, “If they told me we would have 85,000 hospitalizations in the fourth wave, with enough free, very safe, and very effective vaccines (with 90% protection from Delta Hospital admissions) for all who had over 12, I wouldn’t have I believe it. But here we are. And we’re not done yet.”

Roberto Burioni replied, in this case: “I think future historians will study our era as a A unique case of self-destruction“.

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Image source: ANSA

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