COVID-19 Point - Sunday Containment in Tahiti and Moorea and Curfew

COVID-19 Point – Sunday Containment in Tahiti and Moorea and Curfew

High Commissioner Dominic Soren and Head of State Edward Fritsch held a joint conference on Wednesday, August 11th. The islands of Tahiti and Moorea will be restricted on Sunday, and a curfew will be imposed from 9pm until 4am from midnight.

“The hour is dangerous.” With this meaning-filled phrase, the High Commissioner of the Republic, Dominique Sorin, began his speech. In fact, this Wednesday, August 11th, at 5 p.m., the state and state authorities held a joint speech in the gardens of the High Commission in Papeete.

After recalling the alarming numbers that show the insane development of the epidemic in Polynesia: the infection rate is greater than 1500, or the presence of the virus in the archipelago, Dominic Sorain announced the most stringent measures that will be applied starting from this evening, Wednesday. August 11 at midnight. The goal is to ease hospital services to avoid saturation.

So it was decided as of midnight on Wednesday, August 11:

  • Banning sporting events and cultural meetings : However, sports will remain licensed in schools. Indoor exercise should also be organized. Details will be sent soon on this subject.
  • As announced two days ago, the curfew will come into effect this evening at midnight throughout the territory of Polynesia from 9 pm to 4 am. : All archipelagos are involved. All outings will be prohibited, unless there is a professional medical reason. Certificates are available at the High Commission.
  • Curfews in Tahiti and Moorea will end with confinement on Sunday : However, essential shopping travel will be allowed. Buses between Moorea and Tahiti will always be possible. Beaches will also be banned on Sundays.
  • Movement on the islands will be more controlled : A vaccination certificate or negative test will be required for all flights.
  • With regard to entry into the territory : “The virus is not spread by tourists, but by the population,” Dominique Sorin declared. Passengers control is maintained. What changes is that self-tests will be distributed to D-0, rather than being administered by health workers.
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“Reservations can be extended to other days of the week,” Dominique Sorin added, before determining that an additional 14,000 doses of single-dose and multi-dose vaccines will arrive in Polynesia. 45,000 tests will also be given this week and 12 state-certified nurses specializing in resuscitation will be in Polynesia as of next week.

On the economic front, a meeting with business leaders is scheduled. The High Commissioner finally officially called for vaccination based on this information: More than 90% of patients in intensive care have not been vaccinated. Those who died were not vaccinated.


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