Covid-19 may have made you dumber, science says

Covid-19 may have made you dumber, science says

The year 2020, like few other years, was marked by a terrible pandemic. Already four years ago, millions of people were affected by the virus, some more seriously than others. But today, the consequences of this epidemic are what scientists are studying.

In a very large study conducted on more than 100,000 people, Imperial College from London was interested in the link between IQ and Covid-19. This research was just published in a journal New England Journal of Medicine, He explains that people who were affected by the disease, but recovered in less than a month, would have lost “only” 3 points of qi.

As for people affected for a much longer period of “long Covid,” the drop in Qi would be 6 points on average. Finally, the decline is greatest among people who are hospitalized. In fact, the disease had lowered his Qi level by 9 points.

Worrying consequences?

According to the researchers who conducted this study, the consequences of such a decrease in qi in the long term can be terrible. Scientists explain that this link between illness and loss of qi energy could facilitate the emergence of diseases such as Alzheimer's in the coming decades.

If the decline in Chi seems temporary at the moment, with the vast majority of patients returning to their pre-pandemic level, scientists remain very cautious about what conclusions can be drawn from this finding. They call on the rest of society to pay attention to this topic and conduct further studies to better understand the reasons for this decline in qi in such a large number of people.

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General psychological fatigue

According to the conclusions of Adam Hampshire, director of this unprecedented study, the discovery of a decrease in qi in people infected with Covid-19 corresponds very well with the symptoms they suffer from. For thousands of people, the months following infection were marked by infection “brain fog” “Mental fog” in simple French, is an expression that clearly illustrates the state of mental exhaustion he feels.

For Maxime Taquet, a psychiatrist at the University of Oxford, the conclusions of this study are:“Particularly worrying” Especially when we take into account”“The size of the epidemic and the number of people affected.”

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