Covid-19: Less than a month after its implementation, canceling tests turns into a mystery

Covid-19: Less than a month after its implementation, canceling tests turns into a mystery

Health Crisis – As of mid-October, PCR and antigen tests should not be covered by Social Security. At least in theory. Because the implementation of this procedure turns into a puzzle for the executive branch.

This is one of the main measures announced by the President of the Republic on July 12. “This fall, PCR tests will be paid for, unless prescribed by a doctor.”Emmanuel Macron said during his last speech that it was about the health crisis. Way for the executive to encourage vaccination, such as a health card.

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Now, the goal appears to have been achieved: more than 50 million French people have now received at least one dose. But canceling exams is not easy. Because if you’re supposed to pay for “comfort tests,” the executive no doubt charges for a PCR or antigen test for people they suspect have COVID-19. “You must organize the entire course of treatment in order for the test to be reimbursed.”, notes a government advisor.

Prescription, the key to a payoff test?

To reimburse tests for people with only symptoms, the easiest solution may be to make reimbursement conditional on providing a prescription. But the government fears the saturation of medical offices. “If we say that reimbursement can go through a prescription from a GP, we risk overburdening the doctors”, We fear on the part of the Executive.

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Especially since getting into the GP box can waste valuable time. “There is a possibility that there will be a very long time between first symptoms, doctor’s appointment, and then the test”According to a consultant who wants to think of a strategy “The Source”.

“Relaxing the health card would spoil the good idea of ​​writing off tests”

On the part of scientists, the write-off of the tests raises doubts. “It was a good idea because it made it possible to encourage vaccination”, refers to LCI Catherine Hill, an epidemiologist. “But beware, this idea will be greatly sabotaged if the health permit is relaxed in certain places.”, she regrets. “People who are reluctant to vaccinate will take comfort in their idea because there will no longer be a need for a health permit. This logic will be demolished.” But government spokesman Gabriel Atal said on Wednesday that the health card would be kept for the time being despite the pandemic’s decline.

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However, Kathryn Hill is pleased that the end of reimbursement will reduce the number of tests performed. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have tested anyone at any time. Tests have not been used strategically and intelligently.”, denounces the world of epidemiology. “We spent billions on tests without ever getting the epidemic under control. As of June, it was estimated that 14 million people had contracted Covid-19 thanks to a study that looked for antibodies. At the time, fewer than six million people tested positive. So no You can even find half of the cases by examining.”

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