Covid-19: all about the XE subvariable

Covid-19: all about the XE subvariable

distance XD, a mixture of Delta and Omicron, place for his successor. Alternate recombinantXE comes from the mixture between BA.1 and Bachelor’s degree 2. The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned about the contagion of this variant, which could be “10%” more consistent than BA.2.

It was first revealed in the UK in January 2022, and the British government had given the alarm last March. Across the channel, 637 cases of Omicron XE have been recorded, but none have been declared on French soil, with BA.2 making up the majority.

Recombinant potentially more infectious than BA.2

Unlike Deltacron, which combined two variants, XE is a combination of two strains of Omicron. Recombinants appear when a patient is affected by two variables at the same time, details BFM TV.

The NHS is still uncertain about the infection. if she says In his last report It is still too early to “confirm” that XE is more contagious, dangerous, and resistant to vaccines than BA.2, and another source indicates otherwise.

“Using the most recent data as of March 16, 2022, XE has a pollution rate greater than 9.8% compared to BA.2” can we read in un another document from UKHSA. The World Health Organization agrees, noting a “10% higher rate of contamination compared to BA.2,” according to the most recent ongoing research.

Since the beginning of 2022, this has not been the first time that this type of mutation has been observed between two sub-variables. We can even talk about the “X” family, from the XD to the XL, through the XF and now the XE.

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No cases in France, several deaths in New Zealand

In addition to the more than 600 cases registered in the UK, the surrogate has yet to file a case in France. On the other hand, it has already begun to spread on the other side of the world, mainly in Canada and Japan but also in Thailand and New Zealand.

On April 19 a tourist from Europe “imported” XE to the land of New Zealand. 55 passengers are currently in isolation after testing positive. The New Zealand Ministry of Health said that “his arrival in New Zealand was unexpected.”

The country, which had been particularly vigilant since the start of the pandemic, had so far reported only 665 deaths since March 2020. In seven days, New Zealand recorded nearly 8,000 cases on Saturday 23 April 2022, 19 deaths including Two children under 9 years old.

Thursday, April 21st, Spain It reported its first cases of the XE variant. “According to information received from the UK, progress has been made in recent weeks at a rate higher than that of BA.2,” the Spanish Ministry of Health said at the time.

Symptoms of variant XE

At this time, there are no new specific symptoms attributed to this variant.

In Israel, two patients carrying the XE variant had “mild symptoms, including fever, headache, and muscle aches, and did not require specialized medical care.” The media Ha’aretz March 16.

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