COVID-19: 99 million people in Henan Province require PCR testing every two days

COVID-19: 99 million people in Henan Province require PCR testing every two days

Henan Province, the country’s most populous, will require all of its residents to have a PCR test at least every 48 hours. Without this, it is impossible for the refractories to reach the green code and thus public transport and public spaces.

A new step in the 0 Covid strategy implemented by China. The 99 million residents of Henan Province, located in the center of the country, will have to undergo a PCR test every 48 hoursWhether or not they are suspected of having Covid. The province whose capital is ZhengzhouIt is one of the most densely populated areas in the country.

The province, located a few hundred kilometers from Beijing, is in the grip of an epidemic recovery, and intends to avoid the situation experienced by other large cities, such as Shanghai, the starting point for that recovery. In a statement posted on the provincial government’s website, the authorities said checks will begin before the end of the month in Zhengzhou.

Without testing at least every 48 hours, County residents will not be able to access the green code, allowing access to public transportation and public places.

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0 Covid strategy widely contested

If, since the beginning of the epidemic, China announced only 220,000 patients and 5,000 deaths on its territory, then the intransigence of the strategy is criticized, including by the Chinese. The very strict confinement in Shanghai has significantly led to many suicides of angry people.

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At night from Friday to Saturday, these are 13,000 people from an apartment complex in Beijing where a few cases were detected who were forcibly isolated. This zero-Covid strategy is starting to have an impact on the Chinese economy. In any case, it allows the authoritarian communist regime in the country to justify the control of the population.

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