COVID-19: 5,300 new cases since last Friday.

COVID-19: 5,300 new cases since last Friday.

In its latest health status report, the ARS stresses the continued rapid progress of the new wave of pollution. 5,300 new cases were registered at the end of last week. A development that now translates into new health restrictions

In detail, these are all the numbers carried away and confirming the full entry of Guadeloupe into the fifth wave of the Covid 19 virus:

The positivity rate is 21% over the past seven days.
The infection rate rose sharply to 2,894/100,000 people.
The age groups 10-19 years and 20-39 years represent 58% of these new cases. A shift towards older age groups has been confirmed.
The infection rate among children in the age group 0-9 years currently represents 6% of positive cases, compared to 3% at the end of the last week of 2021.
– 24 groups are monitored in Guadeloupe and the northern islands (schools, hotels, nightclubs, bars, private parties).

Now the Omicron variant is present in more than 95% of positive samples.

Hospital pressure increase

For the first time in these indicators eligible for the fifth wave, we also note that hospital attendance tends to increase. Two patients under the age of 50 were admitted this weekend to intensive care, and were not vaccinated.
Recovery bed capacity is currently maintained at 35 beds in the district, that is, 30 in CHUG and 5 in CHBT, of which 13 critical care beds have been added.
On Monday morning at 7 a.m., 28 people (including 10 with Covid 19 versus 4 on Friday) were treated in acute resuscitation.
For patients hospitalized in the medical department for COVID: 17 were in the infectious disease department at CHU versus 6 last week. Another 21 patients are welcomed into the other departments (i.e. 13 in CHU and 8 in CHBT)

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Remember that in light of the development of these characters, Alexandre Rochat, the governor of the Guadeloupe region, decided to
To reduce the curfew until eight in the evening on Monday.

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