Court rejects Donald Trump's new bid to block documents from Congress

Court rejects Donald Trump’s new bid to block documents from Congress

Donald Trump’s remedies are dwindling to prevent disclosure of his actions during the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill. A federal appeals court ruled, Thursday, December 9, that the former US president was unable to prevent the transfer of documents from the White House to Congress about the event that shocked America and the world.

These archives, which he wishes to keep secret, include among other things the lists of people who visited him or contacted him that day. The resolution may allow a parliamentary committee to shed light on its role in this assault by its supporters, which occurred when elected officials confirmed Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

However, the court leaves fourteen days for Mr. Trump to appeal to the US Supreme Court, which he must do, according to the former president’s spokesman. “Regardless of the decision of the Court of Appeal today, this case has always been taken to the Supreme Court,” So said Liz Harrington on Twitter.

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He denounced the former president, who denies any responsibility for the attack “political game” He refuses to cooperate. He went to court in the name of the executive branch’s privilege to keep his communications secret, even in the case of appropriations made by Congress.

race against time

After conflicting initial rulings, an appeals court ruled Thursday that it had no reason to oppose the decision of current White House tenant Joe Biden, who authorized the National Archives to turn over these documents to Congress.

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“In this case, there is a rare and powerful set of factors that support making the documents in question public. (…) Given the need to investigate and address the violent and unprecedented attack on Congress”Judge Patricia Millett of the Federal Court of Appeals in Washington wrote.

This decision represents an important victory in the race for time initiated by the Special Committee of the House of Representatives. It wants at all costs to publish its findings before the midterm elections, in less than a year during which Republicans can retake control of the House and bury his work.

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With that deadline in mind, the commission is moving forward: It has already heard from more than 300 witnesses, it said Thursday, Republican Liz Cheney, one of the presidents-elect.

But the former White House tenant urged those around him to join forces. One of the architects of his victory in 2016, Steve Bannon, has ignored calls to Congress and is accused of obstructing the powers of a parliamentary inquiry, which is why he faces imprisonment.

Donald Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, faces the same fate. The committee will meet on Monday to decide whether to recommend prosecution.

Don’t be fooled: President Trump is trying to cover up what happened on January 6Liz Cheney warned on Twitter. We will not let this happen. “

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