Countries recruiting from outside Europe: New Zealand

Countries recruiting from outside Europe: New Zealand

Favorable economic environment

In 2020, the unemployment rate in the country was less than 5%, in other words a state of near-full employment. As in the majority of countries in the world, the service sector occupies a prominent position in the national economy with a percentage of up to 75%. Tourism, in particular, contributes to the strength of this third sector. The agricultural sector is also a pillar of the New Zealand economy. Foreigners represent about 15% of the agricultural workforce.

As in most developed countries, the technology sector, in the broad sense, holds great growth prospects, both in economic and employment terms. The country is especially looking for qualified people such as developers, system administrators, network engineers, programmers, and IT security specialists.

If you’re fluent in English, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in marketing, finance and trade – especially international trade on which New Zealand depends heavily.

The country is very open to new talent and candidates with strong skills, particularly in activities related to the environment, and New Zealand is often cited as a leader in this regard.

Taxes are deducted at source in New Zealand, the scales are lower than those in France, and range from 12.2% to 34.7%.

Work steps there

A work visa is required to come to work in New Zealand. To do this, it will be necessary to have a written job offer from a company established in the country. This visa will be valid for five years and renewable.

After that, you will be able to claim permanent resident status which allows you to live and work in the country legally for an indefinite period. You will therefore have the same rights as New Zealand citizens. You will be able to achieve this status through the general categories process. Applications are evaluated according to a set of criteria such as age, professional experience or university grades. This visa allows you and your family to settle and work in New Zealand.

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How to find a job

A professional network is essential in New Zealand and contacts with French work groups and worker networks can be invaluable. There were over 5,000 of our compatriots there in 2020. France and New Zealand CCI are also providing valuable assistance in integrating into this network.

Vacancies are published regularly in local newspapers. Feel free to refer to them on the pages of the New Zealand Herald, Dominion Post, or even the Educational Gazette. Traditional sites like Monster, LinkedIn or Indeed are used but local sites like PickNZ, New Kiwis and Seek are preferred.

In order to verify your skills and qualifications, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority will compare your data with applicable standards in the country. If these results are not enough for certain positions, you will have to pursue additional training or studies, especially for work in the medical sector. In addition, this site provides information on occupations in shortage in New Zealand:

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