Count Nikolai jumps into the void in New Zealand on Christmas

Count Nikolai jumps into the void in New Zealand on Christmas

Count Nicolae de Monpezat celebrates the end of the year for the first time away from his family. While his father returned to Denmark despite his new life in the United States, Count Nikolai did not have the opportunity to leave Oceania during the Christmas holidays. He's on a slightly different holiday with his girlfriend in New Zealand. As the new year approaches, Queen Margrethe II's eldest grandson has jumped into the liberating void.

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While his family gathers in Denmark for the holidays, Count Nicolai de Monpezat visits New Zealand for Christmas

Queen Margaret II was surrounded by her two sons and six of her eight grandchildren on Christmas Eve. The next day, the Queen of Denmark celebrated Christmas with Count Felix. Only Count Nikolai was missing in Denmark this year. And for good reason: Prince Joachim's eldest son and Queen Margrethe II's eldest grandson is on the other side of the world. He is a student at Copenhagen Business School, and is currently benefiting from an exchange program in Australia.

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A “terrifying” jump into the void from a height of 134 meters on the occasion of Christmas

Count Nicolae de Monpezat, 24 years old and seventh in line to the Danish throne, did not have time to return to Europe. He decided to use his Christmas vacation to visit the neighboring country, New Zealand. Count Nikolai studies in Sydney with his old friend, Benedikt Thostrup, who is pursuing the same studies and also benefits from this academic exchange.

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On the occasion of Christmas, Count Nicolae de Monpezat bungee jumping in New Zealand (Photo: video screenshot on Instagram)

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Count Nikolai wants to live this entire experience on the other side of the Earth. To make this experience completely amazing, he took his courage with both hands and jumped into the void. Count Nikolai performed a bungee jump while in New Zealand. The supermodel count considers his jump as “Work of faith”,” he wrote while sharing the video of his stunning gesture.

The former Prince of Denmark threw himself into the void 134 meters above the Nevis River (Photo: Instagram video screenshot)

Nikolai – who was stripped of his title as Prince of Denmark on January 1, 2023 – added that the jump was “terrifying but liberating.” This 134 meter high jump into the void is a popular tourist spot for thrill seekers. Brave tourists, like Count Nikolai, jump into the void over the Nevis River. For days, Count Nikolai has been sharing stunning photos taken during this festive period amid New Zealand's luxurious landscapes on his Instagram account, which has nearly 90,000 subscribers.

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