Coronavirus: New Zealand extends Auckland closure due to 'mysterious cases'

Coronavirus: New Zealand extends Auckland closure due to ‘mysterious cases’

Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, will remain closed for at least another week to stop the spread of the delta variable which is “to risePrime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Monday.

The city’s two million residents should stay home for several appearances.”ambiguous case“Not yet linked to clusters,” Jacinda Ardern explained.

These mysterious cases continue to emerge and we are concerned that they are revealed through monitoring and testing of the population, rather than through contact tracing.Ms. Ardern added.

New Zealand imposed a nationwide lockdown on August 17 when the first case of the highly contagious delta variant emerged.

But a nationwide lockdown order was lifted last week Except for Auckland where all new cases have been reported in the city.

The prime minister has ruled out lifting the strict blockade of Auckland before September 21 but has estimated that the city, which is currently on alert 4, the maximum, must then be reduced to a level.

With 33 local cases reported Monday in the city, Jacinda Ardern said she was concerned about the early lifting of the restrictions.

The number of (cases) is on the rise and this has been shown in the past three daysShe said “.This is not to say that the collective efforts made in Auckland did not make a difference.“.

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